Special Report! Yes we are headed for a double retrograde! Saturn and Neptune will both go retrograde within just three days of each other! Worse we will have a Mercury Retrograde in the middle! Read the detailed report on the blog now!

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An honest opinion about J.J. Dean

What is a Tarot Consultant?

I'll bet that when most people hear the word Psychic they get a pretty clear image in their mind. An old woman wearing a scarf on her head. Wearing loud and colorful clothing and about a thousand rings. Sitting in a darkly lit room at a small round table, with a crushed velvet cloth and a crystal ball in the middle. She might be making spooky noises and talking in a mockingly mysterious voice. Asking you to look at the palm of your hand and gasping in an overly dramatic way. While this Hollywood portrayal of a "Psychic" is entertaining, it isn't necessarily an accurate representation of what a real Psychic is.

As a professional Tarot Consultant, Master Psychic, and Compassionate spiritual guide J.J. Dean aims to help people in all walks of life to navigate difficult situations in the field of personal development, namely, self-improvement, self-fulfillment, and interpersonal communication by providing individual meetings to develop and enhance the spiritual lives of individuals. It is his goal to professionally communicate client-centric methods of empowerment while maintaining the highest standards, morally and ethically, by sharing his fifteen years of experience providing Tarot card services with sincerity and honesty. Bringing clarity and originality to everyone, through acts of compassion and kindness. J.J. Dean is dedicated to the highest quality of service that he can offer to his clients, delivered with discretion, honesty and respect.

No matter if your issue is professional or personal, J.J. Dean can help to give you insight on how to navigate difficult situations in the workplace, at home, and in the world in general. Let J.J. Dean provide information in the fields of personal relationships, personal growth, motivation, self-fulfillment, and spiritual growth. J.J. Dean can show you a different perspective on the world. He is here to help no matter how complex your issue may be. By utilizing unique methods which he has cultivated over a lifetime he can offer solutions tailored to you. While J.J. Dean can not help you find your car keys, or speak to those who have passed over, he can help you to see the situation that you are dealing with from a different perspective so that you might be able to gain a sense of clarity in how to better navigate a difficult time in your life. J.J. Dean will offer alternative solutions to your unique situation to guide you down a clear path of resolution.

Problem solving is J.J. Dean's strength, let him lend it to you. Allow J.J. Dean To show you a different perspective! Specializing in love, relationships, & career. With over 15 years of professional experience J.J. Dean is a fifth generation, natural born Master Psychic Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader and spiritual Advisor. As an ordained minister J.J. Dean can help guide you toward any goal with certainty.

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Financial Forecast March 2024

Open your mind with J.J. Dean

An uplifting message from J.J. Dean

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