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Check out the new episode of The Psychic Underground. J.J. Dean and guest Von discuss the challenges of being psychic in the modern world and in the medical field.

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An Herbal Guide, For the Practical Modern Spiritualist by J.J. Dean

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Just as the title states, this is an herbal guide for the practical modern spiritualist. J.J. Dean applies his knowledge of herbology and botany to assist the modern spiritualist in developing holistic practices both spiritually and metaphysically. This guide will assist the user in selecting common herbs from the garden or kitchen, In addition to uncommon herbs which the reader may not be as well experienced with identifying for both holistic and metaphysical use.

This quick reference guide will assist the reader in developing teas and brews as well as ritual preparation, and will also detail the history of the medicinal use of commonly available herbs and plants from the perspective of ancient to modern peoples world wide.

Printed in full color with high resolution graphics

*Book cover and design may vary depending upon final revision. 

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