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Amethyst Large loose Gemstone 134 cttw

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Large Loose Lab Grown Amethyst Gemstone

This stone measures roughly 25mm wide 33mm tall 15mm from table to peak.

This stone is faceted in a sort of Emerald Cushion Cut. This stone was not cut by a master and as such clearly has some irregularities. This is what I would consider a low B grade or maybe a high C Grade stone. The seed plate is visible from the table of the stone and there are two thin lines which run through the stone just beneath the surface of the table. I was unable to get this to show in a photo. The price reflects the quality of this stone. 134 total carat weight.

This is a lab grown stone which was produced in India.

Genuine gemstones of this size are extremely rare and are seldom available on the open market.

If you have any questions about this stone prior to purchasing please call our customer service line.

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