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The World of Ted Serios - Thoughtographic Studies of an Extraordinary Mind by Jule Eisenbud

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Theodore Judd Serios (1918 - 2006)[1] was a Chicago bellhop, who became known in the 1960s by producing "thoughtographs" on Polaroid film. He claimed these were produced using psychic powers. Serios's psychic claims were bolstered by the endorsement of a Denver based psychiatrist, Jule Eisenbud who wrote a book called The World of Ted Serios: "Thoughtographic" studies of an extraordinary mind in which he argued for the reality of his feats. Many of his photographs were produced while Serios was drunk or at least had been drinking. His images, which often appeared surrounded by dark areas on the film, were often curiously altered versions of known photographs. He was not only able to produce his photographs while holding "a small section of tubing fitted with a piece of photo squeegee" to his forehead: he could also project from several meters, or without the "gizmo." Also, he performed sober on several occasions, e.g. producing "blackies" or "whities," meaning entirely black or white Polaroid photos, which should be impossible with this technology.
On some occasions, his photos were distorted and altered versions of real places or images, e.g. a photo of Eisenbud's ranch showing the barn as a different structure to the reality: "In one of his more spectacular feats, Serios produced a clearly distinguishable image of Eisenbud's ranch right on the spot, after Eisenbud's wife Molly suggested that they take a trip there. The majority of the results are 'whities' or all-white images, and 'blackies' or all-black images, which are abnormal themselves, as the image produced should have always been Serios. The majority of Serios's successful thoughtographs are of various buildings or landmarks, to which similar photos could often be found in travel books. The images are in various degrees of focus, with many in a 'zoomed' in appearance of a small part of a larger image. In addition, many of the images have abnormalities, such as being slightly skewed
Condition: Used Good
Rare Vintage Copy
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