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One Card Draw

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As seen on Tumblr! J.J. is only doing a limited number of readings at this price for a limited time! Choose your deck and the number of cards!

Your reading will be delivered by email in a PDF featuring a photo of the card as drawn for your reading. 

Submit your questions and receive a full detailed written reading with a photo of the card J.J. has drawn for you, an explanation of that card, and how that card applies to your question. J.J. Dean will also provide a full overview of the reading on your question to explain what the reading means for you and offer his suggestion for how to resolve any issues that you might face in navigating your particular situation.

The reading will be detailed in a personalized PDF file which will be delivered via email within 24 hours of your purchase. Upon request this PDF file can be password coded so that only the password holder can view the reading. Please leave your requested password in the "Order Special Instructions" section at checkout if you would like a password. Example (Password: Bon29e@) Please also place your question in the "Order Special Instructions" section at checkout. 

Question Submission Guidelines:

1. Please limit each question to a single subject. (Does Dave love me?) (Do Dave and I have a future together?) (Will Dave and I Break up?).

2. To answer your question I will need your first name, and the first name of the person you are asking about if applicable.

3. Please try to keep you question simple. I understand that one question can have many different facets which you also would like to have insight to, I will do my best to incorporate these elements into the answer to your question. If your question has multiple facets please ask for clarification on those issues as they refer to your single question. Asking (Does Dave love me? Does Dave want to get married? How does Dave Feel about me?) Is perfectly acceptable so long as you do not try to take advantage of this. Asking (Will I get married? Will I be rich? Will I have a baby?) Counts as multiple questions.

4. What can a psychic do? Every psychic has special abilities, some focus in different areas and have different talents. For example some psychics can locate lost items. I myself specialize in love relationships, and career. I can not help you find lost items. Most importantly I can not read minds. I can not tell you what someone is thinking. I can however tell you about matters of the heart, how someone feels about you or their situation and how they will react to elements around them. I can tell you about the way coworkers or your boss feels about you and how you are doing. I can see the different paths which you might take in that journey and offer suggestions on which path may offer the best direction to go in. As a professional Tarot Consultant, Master Psychic, and Compassionate spiritual guide J.J. aims to help people in all walks of life to navigate difficult situations in the field of personal development, namely, self-improvement, self-fulfillment, and interpersonal communication by providing individual meetings to develop and enhance the spiritual lives of individuals.

It is his goal to professionally communicate client-centric methods of empowerment while maintaining the highest standards, morally and ethically, by sharing his fifteen years of experience providing Tarot card services with sincerity and honesty. Bringing clarity and originality to everyone, through acts of compassion and kindness. J.J. is dedicated to the highest quality of service that he can offer to his clients, delivered with discretion, honesty and respect.

No matter if your issue is professional or personal, J.J. can help to give you insight on how to navigate difficult situations in the workplace, at home, and in the world in general. Let J.J. provide information in the fields of personal relationships, personal growth, motivation, self-fulfillment, and spiritual growth. J.J. can show you a different perspective on the world.

He is here to help no matter how complex your issue may be. By utilizing unique methods which he has cultivated over a lifetime he can offer solutions tailored to you. While J.J. can not help you find your car keys, or speak to those who have passed over, he can help you to see the situation that you are dealing with from a different perspective so that you might be able to gain a sense of clarity in how to better navigate a difficult time in your life. J.J. will offer alternative solutions to your unique situation to guide you down a clear path of resolution. Problem solving is J.J.'s strength, let him lend it to you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

OMG he is so talented. He totally picked up on my situation and I didn't tell him ANYTHING! I just asked my question and he nailed it! Blown away.


Those is the best $1 I ever spent!

Gave me chills

This reading was spooky accurate. Dude knew everything, like he was my BFF! Straight fire!

Accurate AF!!!

Seriously, this is the best reading I've gotten in a long time! He is so on point.


OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!! Dude is really psychic!

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