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Lions Gate Portal Votive Tower Candle

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Looking for some extra luck? This Lions Gate Portal Votive Tower Candle is infused with Orange essential oil and Organic Orange Peal. Layered Orange wax (The color of optimism, energy, and success). This Candle is designed to last for many individual uses. One of these candles might Help you to focus your energy as you work to manifest luck in your life. This candle was created on 8/8/22 under the influence of the the Lions Gate Portal. It was forecast that the 8th would be the most powerful day of the portal which is why J.J. chose to create this candle on that specific day. 

This candle is NOT mass produced. This one of a kind candle was hand crafted by J.J. himself. A great deal of energy and focus was spent through out the entire day on this single piece. As a result there are currently only 1 available. Get it while it lasts!

Candle is about 4" tall by about 3" wide at the base.

These candles are made using 100% non toxic materials.

Candle wax: Paraffin

Essential Oil: Orange essential oil, Organic Orange Peal.

Element: Air & Fire

Listing is for a single votive candle only. Accessories not included, for demonstration purposes only.

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