Star Coins Reward Program

When you join the Esoteric Awakenings Star Coins Reward Program you will receive 500 Star Coins  ($5.00) just by signing up. Earn 10 Star Coins ($0.10) on every dollar that you spend in the Esoteric Awakenings Shop. Star Coins can be used to purchase anything from the Esoteric Awakenings shop such as Books, Tarot Lessons, Public Appearances, and Consultations. Additionally you will receive 1300 ($13.00) Star Coins on your birthday! There is no cost to Join and your membership can be canceled at anytime. To join the Esoteric Awakenings Star Coin Reward Program follow the steps highlighted in red below. 


1. From the home page click on the Star Coin in the lower right corner of the screen. 

2. Click on the Join Now button.

3. Fill in all of the account registration information. 

4. After double checking to make sure that you have entered all of the information correctly click on the Create button. 

5. Check your email, you will receive an activation email like the one pictured below. It is important that you verify your account using the email that is automatically generated. If you fail to do this your account will be deleted. You will not earn any Star Coins on your purchases. Star Coins can not be added to your account retroactively. 

6. Return to the Esoteric Awakenings home page and once again click on the Star Coin in the lower right hand corner of the screen. 

7. You should now see your balance displayed in the Star Coins Reward Center Display. 

You are all set up and ready to start earning rewards each time you make a purchase in the Esoteric Awakenings shop. When you want to use your Star Coins simple click on "Ways to redeem" in the Star Coin Reward Center and follow the step by step instructions. 

If you encounter any errors while trying to create an account or require assistance please fill out and submit contact form or call customer service.


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