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J.J. Dean's goal at Esoteric Awakenings as a professional Tarot Consultant, Master Psychic, and Compassionate spiritual guide is to help people in all walks of life to navigate difficult situations in the field of personal development, namely, self-improvement, self-fulfillment, and interpersonal communication by providing individual meetings to develop and enhance the spiritual lives of individuals. It is his goal to professionally communicate client-centric methods of empowerment while maintaining the highest standards, morally and ethically, by sharing his fifteen years of experience providing Tarot card services with sincerity and honesty. Bringing clarity and originality to everyone, through acts of compassion and kindness. J.J. is dedicated to the highest quality of service that he can offer to his clients, delivered with discretion, honesty and respect.

No matter if your issue is professional or personal, J.J. can help to give you insight on how to navigate difficult situations in the workplace, at home, and in the world in general. Let J.J. provide information in the fields of personal relationships, personal growth, motivation, self-fulfillment, and spiritual growth. J.J. can show you a different perspective on the world. He is here to help no matter how complex your issue may be. By utilizing unique methods which he has cultivated over a lifetime he can offer solutions tailored to you. While J.J. can not help you find your car keys, or speak to those who have passed over, he can help you to see the situation that you are dealing with from a different perspective so that you might be able to gain a sense of clarity in how to better navigate a difficult time in your life. J.J. will offer alternative solutions to your unique situation to guide you down a clear path of resolution. Problem solving is J.J.'s strength, let him lend it to you.


J.J. Dean is a fifth-generation, natural-born master psychic Clairvoyant, Tarot reader and spiritual consultant. With over 15 years of professional experience, he has helped many to find clarity and guidance with amazing accuracy. J.J. was born into a family of gifted Seers and was educated on the symbolism of the Tarot by his mother from a very early age. J.J. specializes in love, relationships, career and dream interpretation. J.J. has in the past been invited to give lectures on dream interpretation and psychic abilities as part of a lecture series on world religion and metaphysics in the California bay area. As an ordained minister J.J. has performed handfasting ceremonies and also teaches the Tarot.

J.J. has studied world history with a focus on religion and is well versed in many different forms of spiritualism. In his consultations he draws from many sources and primarily draws upon the Tarot. Namely an eastern oracle deck inspired by the work of Osho Zen. Upon request J.J. can also use the Rider Waite Tarot.

J.J. has been providing consultations professionally for 15 years, and has found a great deal of success in helping his clients cope with emotional pain, grief, breakups, career goals, spiritual rejuvenation and many other areas of life that we as people struggle with in our day to day journey.



People often ask about J.J.'s abilities and how they work. When J.J. performs a consultation for a client he starts by focusing on the energy of the person, or the people who are involved with the situation that the client is asking about. While establishing this connection he can reach out and feel the feelings of those people, he can in a sense feel through the feelings and emotions of others and intuit what they are feeling about someone or something. J.J. then uses the cards to confirm, or help guide him to understand what is happening in the situation.

J.J. will take you step by step in great detail through what those feeling are, how they correspond to the cards and what he believes they mean for your situation, as well as give you his own perspective on how he would handle the situation himself. Drawing upon his own life experience combined with shared experience, the cards and his ability to navigate the emotions and feelings of others J.J can then offer prospective paths to resolution.

J.J. will never simply tell anyone what to do. J.J. only provides clients with insight into the situation that they seek answers to and offers suggestions for how to resolve the situation. The choice in how you decide to handle the situation is yours alone. J.J. will guide you down which ever path you choose to take and does not judge anyone. We all face times in life when we need an impartial friend to turn to, and for a great many people that friend it is J.J. No matter what your situation is, no matter how embarrassing it is, no matter how frightening it is to you J.J. will always be a calm voice of compassion, reason, and insight to those events. This is a safe space.

J.J.’s goal is to provide you with a plan to bring love, light and harmony into your life. To leave you feeling informed, with a plan for how to move forward. With the ability to see very specific details, J.J. leaves no stone unturned in his readings, all the while being direct and honest about what he sees. J.J. will not paint you a bed of roses, he offers only honesty with compassion. If you are in need of guidance, look no further.

J.J. Dean's motto is "Love & Light" and he strives to share this with the world, one person at a time.

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