Venus in Sagittarius. 12/29/23

Venus in Sagittarius. 12/29/23

Well folks it's another busy week in our solar system! On December 29th Venus will enter Sagittarius. With the love planet in wild openhearted Sagittarius it might be wise not to try to tame this pony. You may find yourself feeling very amorous, but turned off by the idea of commitment during this Venus in Sagittarius equation. And as if there wasn't enough sexual tension whirling about enter Venus Scorpio Sextile Pluto in Capricorn on the same day. What's that? More gasoline for this already out of control fire you say,...... YES PLEASE! That sounds like a GREAT IDEA!!!

Seriously, try to keep your pants on! This combination of energies is likely to make you feel a strong sense of drive when it comes to the romance and passion areas of your life. Paired with the already bucking in the stall Sagittarius energy this could be one for the ages. Try to remember this is the era of the cellular camera...... Just saying. You don't want to be the next viral vid. Try to control yourself, and YOU know who you are.

December 30th Jupiter will go Direct in Taurus and with the end of the Jupiter Retrograde we should see a return to spending and growth in your financial spaces. I know what you are thinking..... IT'S ABOUT TIME! and I agree. You might not count these chicks until they have all hatched however. Recall we still have the cosmic brat Mercury which is still Retrograde and playing havoc in the financial sector. Look to see things improve drastically in the financial space after Mercury Direct.

Finishing the year on December 31st the Moon will Enter Virgo. This is a good time to focus on shoring up those loose ends. Getting everything in place and having your table set and ready for the new year. Recall in my last email that we talked about the majestic squirrel preparing for what was to come, and the email before that in which we talked about how the fog was giving us a good chance to prepare for the action time. Welp, here we are. It's time to springboard into 2024 with vigor! I hope you packed your nuts!

Happy new year January 1st 2024 Mercury will go Direct in Sagittarius. It really is a cause for celebration. Starting the new year off with a bang, but try to remember that we haven't seen Mercury's final temper tantrum just yet. The post shadow will continue and I feel like this one is going to be a bumpy one. We are over the hump as they say and from this point on things should become easier and easier as we move into 2024, just keep a look out for low hanging fruit.

January 2ed the Moon will be in Virgo Trine Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon will also shift into Libra. This is one of those times when you will finally win control over the TV remote, just as they announce that the show you wanted to watch has been canceled and everyone else has already left the room. It's a good time to try and apply those communication tools to your personal relationships. After all they have taken a beating what with the Retrogrades and ridiculous Venus alignment after alignment for the past several months. You have the power to make changes in your relationships and foster good will. Investing in the emotions of others right now will pay great dividends in the new year.

January 3ed the last quarter Moon still in Libra will be Sextile Venus in Sagittarius. This is one of those times when level headed Libra will bring some much needed ecumenicity to the table. Communication may become easier and you might feel more open to the company of others. With Mercury on it's exit trajectory now is a good time to start sweeping up the drama and helping to patch the holes. Lend an emotional helping hand and you will find that stability has become a team sport once again.

January 4th Mars will Enter Capricorn. Once again we find energetic Capricorns energy bouncy, optimistic, and ready to take on the world. Well, the financial world anyway. As many of you know Mars the great bringer of money will pair with the ever advantageous Capricorn to help us really get into the groove. This is the perfect time to start networking with those new business partners and influencers. I've been telling you this was on the way, I know some of you thought I lost my map and my marbles but here we are at last!

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