Venus in Sagittarius 1/18/24

Venus in Sagittarius 1/18/24

Welcome back friends. Its time for another update! Today January 18th the moon will move into Taurus and with that we have the power to really focus on the fine details. Feeling firmly grounded and ready to tackle any task that comes your way. Take advantage of this energy and really knuckle down. You will be pleased with the results. This energy should last for the rest of this week.

January 19th Mercury will be in Capricorn Trine Jupiter in Taurus. This is a powerful tool in the work space. This combination of celestial energies will have you feeling positive and seeing everything from a place of positivity. But wait, there's more! This is a time when everything will come into frame and your perception of your future endeavors will suddenly seem clear! The path of communication should be clear as day and you shouldn't struggle to move mountains. This is a time to clear obstacles from your path with ease!

This same day Venus will be in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces. While it is a good time to be open to communication in the work space, make sure to keep your guard up in your personal relationships. Now is the time that people will take your good willed nature for granted and try to take advantage of you. Try to remember to be kind, but stand your ground.

January 20th The Sun will enter Aquarius. This is a time to wave your freak flag and really show people what makes you different from everyone else. In business this is a good time to focus on pointing out your unique qualities to new, existing, and potential clients. Make sure you give them all the details of how you are different from the rest. Really stand up and stand out!

Pluto will also enter Aquarius today and with this powerful planet of change rooted in the Aquarian energy no task is to big or small. This is a good time to make everlasting changes in your life. Looking to take hold of your destiny and shape your reality. NOW IS THE TIME! Seriously though, grab the bull by the horns, just make sure it isn't Taurus. That could get you in trouble.

The Sun will also be in Capricorn Conjunct Mercury in Capricorn. If you think back three or four weeks ago we talked about putting in some work on long term projects and not seeing much come from those efforts right away. Well with Cap on Cap we should see those efforts start to pay off. In the work space expect that phone to start ringing. This is also a good time to focus on building infrastructure to continue new growth.

Finally, the best for last. The Moon will enter Gemini January 20th. This is a good time to be having internal conversations about difficult issues. Trust your inner voice. Intuition can be very high when Gemini is in the Moon. Try not to go overboard and jump to conclusions, it's best to run it by your psychic friend first. I'm mean, I'm just saying. All lines are open! You know who you are.

January 21st with the Moon in Gemini You will find yourself busy with little tasks. It's time to clean up that mess you call a desk and figure out where all those little things go. This is a creative space for a lot of people who ordinarily struggle to focus on detail oriented projects. Take advantage of it. This energy will continue into the 22nd with the Moon in Gemini Opposite Venus in Sagittarius. Adding some sag power to the equation is good way to balance diligent Gemini. Sagittarius will remind the busy beaver to take a break, and like, chill man. Make sure you plan a few extra minutes in the day for day dreaming.

This same day the Moon will enter Cancer. This could bring some coldness or distance to emotional connections in the workplace and at home. Try to keep an even keel and don't go shooting holes in the boat. You will sink that sucker faster than a rock. However the good news is that it's bipolar love season in the universe because the following day January 23ed Venus will enter Capricorn and send the pendulum swinging in the total opposite direction. As Venus mood swings into Capricorn you might find your partner more agreeable and in the mood for open, honest, heart to heart conversation. This is a good time to renew your interest and reaffirm your commitments with one another.  

January 25th the Moon will enter Leo bringing with it a powerful wave of creative energy. The urge to pay attention to the things you want to do will be intense today. Trying to remain connected at work could be a challenge. If you have to keep your head in the game and you can't play hooky, try scheduling a couple of hours in the afternoon for play time. Later this same day the Moon will be in Leo Square Jupiter in Taurus which will double down on that break in focus. This is one of those days when you just can't stop looking at the clock and counting every minute until the day is done.

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