Total Solar Eclipse 4/8/2024

Total Solar Eclipse 4/8/2024

Many of you way already be aware, but if you're not.... There is a total solar eclipse that is about to take place on April, 8th, 2024. Often time these historic events take place but they pass us by because the line of totality is on the total opposite side of the globe or it just isn't visible for most people. This time around the path of totality will sweep over North America and people everywhere will be able to view this very rare astronomical event. The total solar eclipse will occur when the Moon passes in front of the sun and completely blocks it from our view on Earth.

Just so you understand how profound this event is, the next time that there will be a total solar eclipse of this magnitude won't be for another 21 years. This total solar eclipse that will occur in 2045 will have a path of totality that sweeps over the United States from high on the west coast across the Midwest before dipping down and sweeping over most of the state of Florida.

Even if you are not completely inside the path of totality you should still be able to experience a partial eclipsing of the sun during these events, and I hope that many of you will mark the date on your calendar and make plans to witness this most inspiring and powerful Astrological event. Eclipses are often powerful events which trigger change. They are similar to the arrival of a New Moon or a Full Moon and normally pack quite a punch. However an event like this total solar eclipse will be even more profound. Bringing with it a powerful wave of change that may manifest suddenly. This could bring one path to an end while opening the door to a new one.

On April 8th 2024 the Moon will be in Aries Conjunct Mercury in Aries and this will bring about a very strong compulsion to voice your mind and speak your opinion. You may find a new form  communication to voice those feelings and opinions that you have. Don't be afraid to speak your mind in a new way! We also have the solar eclipse which will be in Aries. The positive power of Aries will inspire new ambition and excitement about where this new path ahead leads. However, this is an even more rare event because we will also have Mercury retrograde in Aries at the same time!

In most instances Mercury retrogrades have a tendency to be viewed as a powerful negative in our lives. Mostly because they inspire change, brought to fruition by being forced to face our past. Because of the unique alignment that is happening with the influence of the solar eclipse this can actually be like a portal to the past, or a cosmic do over card. This will give us the power to make a choice. Either you can take a new path and move in a whole new direction, or you can go back and start new with a fresh chance. This isn't something that you can change, but something that you can prepare for. Either way, this is probably going to be the single most powerful manifestation event that occurs in the next 50 years. Use it wisely!

The Eclipse will take place on Monday, April 8, 2024. The first place that the eclipse will be visible to onlookers by land will be in Mazatlan, Mexico at 10:51 A.M. The path of Totality will be somewhere between 60 and 70 miles wide and will move in a northeastern fashion across the United States before finally reaching the end of it's North American tour in Newfoundland, Canada around 4:06 P.M.

Image: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

According to NASA the path of totality for this event will pass over 15 U.S. States and 5 Canadian Provinces. Many major cities will be directly in the path of the Totality, however some Cities such as Toronto will just narrowly miss the path. This means that a great many people across Mexico, The United States, and Canada will have an opportunity to witness this event with their own eyes. I recommend that you search the exact time that the eclipse will be visible in your specific area, and arrive an hour or more in advance. This even has gained a lot of attention and most if not all hotels along the path of totality have sold out. There will be a crowd, make sure to prepare for that if you intend to travel to the path of totality.

Please make sure that you wear eye protection and do a quick search online for what you need to be able to view this event. You can purchase specialized glasses that will allow you to watch the event without hurting your eyes.

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