The Sun In Pisces 2/29/24

The Sun In Pisces 2/29/24

I feel like February lasted forever, but we finally have reached March! Right out of the gate on March 1st the Sun will be in Pisces Sextile Jupiter in Taurus, this means that we will find the power of Jupiter which acts like a magnifying glass will boost the prowess of Taurus and push us in to the work space. It should be raining finical opportunities everywhere you look. Make sure that you focus on some rock solid money minded goals otherwise you might end up like a dog chasing your own tail out of excitement. Eyes on the prize people!

March 2ed the Moon will enter Sagittarius. This is a good time to embrace your inner strength while remembering that humility is needed to keep those Sagittarian hooves under control. The urge to slip into a megalomaniacal fit of rage might be tempting but not really worth the consequences that such havoc would reap. Make sure we are being honest with our self today.

March 3ed Venus will be in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus. Coming down from the ego boost of yesterday you might find yourself easily annoyed and quick to strike at those around you. This is one of those days when it is best to take the time to treat the source of the problem not just the symptoms. Today is a good day to take out the trash and clear up the mess.

March 4th Mercury will be in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus. The Moon will also enter Capricorn this day. This alignment will bring with it a wave of energy you are probably not used to experiencing. This may ultimately lead to some out of the box thinking and the discovery of a new creative process. It's a good time to look at your life and all the projects in it from this new perspective to really analyze the path in front of you. Now is the time to acknowledge when you are headed and take and exit toward somewhere else if you don't like the road you are on.

March 6th the Moon will be in Capricorn Sextile Neptune in Pisces while the Moon enters Aquarius. This deeply emotional connection will allow you to open yourself up to the idea of oneness with family and friends. This is a great time to take advantage of Pisces empathetic prowess. Through this deeper level of emotional understanding you will find that you are able to forge lasting new bonds that will serve you well for years to come.

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