Sun Sextile Scorpio 11/20/23

Sun Sextile Scorpio 11/20/23

On November 20th the First Quarter Moon will be in Aquarius.

First Quarter Moons are a good time to enact change in your life and with the power of Scorpio driving us forward there is no time like the present. The combination of Mars retrograde swirled with eager Scorpio is making things a bit of a rollacoaster ride right now for sure. However now is the time to be putting strategies in place to build upon the new order that comes from this chaos. Plan wisely for the next few months and you will find that success that you have been looking for in your career space.

The Sun is also Sextile Scorpio Pluto in Capricorn. That is a complicated way of saying that you might feel a strong urge to finalize something. Force something to is conclusion or end something in your life.  As I have been saying to all of you the influence of this Mars retrograde is spilling over into the personal relationship space and this is just another push that might make you feel like now is the time to decisively end a relationship, be that personal or professional. Scorpio tends to be overly aggressive and rush into things without fully weighing the consequences. Think it through before you take any drastic actions today. Make sure that any changes you make are REALLY for your benefit and not just because you want to make something happen.

The moon will also enter Pisces this day which means that you will find yourself taking the much needed time to relax and recharge your battery for the upcoming rush of new business. This is one of those times when you need to remember that it is okay to take a break. While running in circles with your hair on fire juggling 20 different things at the same time has become the normal, try to recall a distant time in the past when there was more peace in your life. It's okay to do nothing for a minute. You can go back to the flaming jugglers routine next week.

On November 22ed the Sun with enter Sagittarius

This is the start of Sagittarius season you may find yourself feeling quite open to the thought of new possibilities. The future somehow seems a little brighter with the prospect of a new fresh path before you. This energy should help to counter balance the effects of Mars retrograde and bring some much needed focus to the work situation.

The moon will also enter Aries this day which will add a sprinkle of can do attitude to the mix. This paired with the Sun in Sag will be a powerful combination that has you charging around the house assertively looking for something to command. This powerful take charge energy will help you to network and connect with people more easily. However make sure you remain focused. Don't allow whimsical Sag to whisk you away on some wild adventure. We were just going to the store to get milk, how did we end up running with the bulls in Spain?!?! 

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