Sun Enters Capricorn 12/21/23

Sun Enters Capricorn 12/21/23

On December 21st the Sun will enter Capricorn. The moon will also be in Taurus. This might feel a bit conflicting. Like you are being pulled in two different directions at the same time. Ambitious Capricorn is often raring to go when it comes to starting new projects. However with the influence of Mercury in retrograde and Taurus in the moon it might be wise to try to point that ambition toward the pile of unfinished projects you keep swept under your desk. Turn your attention on those forgotten tasks and wrap them up. Let stable Taurus keep you grounded and driven toward the task at hand, instead of off chasing balloons.

Also try to remember Mercury is still up there being a brat and causing communication break downs. Try to be considerate and listen to people, yes, even when you feel like they are just yammering about things......

December 22nd the Sun will be in Capricorn Conjunct Mercury in Capricorn this will be like punching a hole in that mental fog we talked about last week. It should give you some clarity and the ability to really focus on something new and refreshing over the next couple of months. Try to ride this high all the way into the new year! Avoid conflicts by remaining busy. Like the ever majestic squirrel collecting his nuts for the winter. No that's a terrible example squirrels are constantly fighting with each other. Just be majestic!

December 23ed Mercury Retrograde Enters Sagittarius. It ain't over yet. This transition will last until the conclusion of the retrograde and it will bring out some of the darker side of Sagittarius nature in all of us. You may find it more difficult to get the day started, feel like you are stuck in a rut and just going through the motions. This is likely to be a bit of a challenge for those of you non sagittarians. Just remember to keep swimming and that we all still love you. You know who you are!!!

December 24th the Moon will enter Gemini. As if woeful Sagittarius needed more fuel to add to the pity party we are currently having, Gemini will jump right in and remind us that misery loves company. This energetic shift will be kind of like putting a magnifying glass over the already highlighted Mercury retrograde. Add a good 20 minutes of prep time to the start of your day. Motivation will be hiding under your bed. You're going to need to lure it out with false hope and empty promises. Ok, ok, I know I'm making it sound much worse that it really is. Sheesh blame a fella for being dramatic once in a while.
Oh and if you didn't laugh at that joke, you're fired.

Merry old Christmas day December 25th Venus will be in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces. That is a fancy way of saying that you will more than likely find yourself in a giving mood. The influence of the love planet and planet of change will remind you that life is short and now is the time to be open to love and togetherness. This is a good time to deepen bonds and draw those you love closer. Gah, I sound like a hallmark card.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and that you all find some peace from the retrograde. However if things should go horrifically wrong and it's a five alarm dumpster fire, operators will be standing by,...... Seriously folks I will be here through the holiday if anyone needs guidance or comfort. I'm here!

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