Solar Flare Special Report 5/10/24

Solar Flare Special Report 5/10/24


Yesterday NOAA released the above info-graphics. This is one of those instances when the world of Astrology and Astronomy collide. The hard science behind real world events which is represented here in this information about solar storm. This is not only interesting but it happens to overlap very, very strongly with all of the events that have been unfolding in Astrology over the last few months. As you read in yesterday's newsletter this week is FILLED with movements surrounding the moon. I believe that there is a connection between the intensity of the moons influence and the Solar storms.

What is a solar storm?
"Solar radiation storms occur when a large-scale magnetic eruption, often causing a coronal mass ejection and associated solar flare, accelerates charged particles in the solar atmosphere to very high velocities. The most important particles are protons which can get accelerated to large fractions of the speed of light." - NOAA

What to expect 
Solar Flares may evoke feelings of disconnectedness, detachment, or melancholy. Because of this Solar Flares are a time when you might feel vulnerable and your emotional sensitivity can be heightened to such a level that even the smallest of issues may feel tremendous.. On a more positive note this turbulent energy can be used as a catalyst to bring clarity to ones own state of being through inward reflection and meditation. This presents possible issues in all areas of life but more specifically in Love and relationships and in Business. Trying to strike a balance might be extra challenging for you during this time.

What is the spiritual meaning of an event like this? 
Remember that intense wave of energy we dealt with during the Solar Eclipse? You ain't seen nothin' yet! When a solar flare occurs is has a very similar, only more powerful effect on the Zodiac. Think of this as a raw unfocused power that is coursing through the universe, if you can harness this power you can direct it where it needs to go. That however is a profound challenge, and you know the old saying, when you play with fire,.... The key impact of an event like this is that it will intensify the effects of other astrological alignments and reinforce the bonds of conjunctions making them even more potent than they would have been on their own.  If you haven't read yesterday's email, make sure you do. This week we face constant conjunctions which will ALL be influenced by the moon and this means that emotions are going to be running VERY high.

What should I do to prepare?
This is a good time to reflect on what might happen over the next week as we experience the combined forces of the Moon in multiple conjunctions influenced by the unstable emotional energies of Cancer and Gemini amplified on a large scale by the influence of the solar flares. Take time to process and do everything that you can to avoid reacting to situations. Respond to them instead.

Remember to take deep breaths and keep yourself in check. If you find yourself in an emotionally charged conversation about your relationship, take a step back! "Hey, listen, I understand that this is a serious conversation and that we need to have it but I'm not in a place right at this moment where I can devote the proper attention and respect to you and this topic. Can we please put this conversation on hold and circle back to it in a few days?"

This can be a very challenging time for relationships of all kinds personal and business alike. Keep in mind that while you may feel like going on the offensive and striking first, that could have a devastating impact on your relationships in the future. Keep in mind that with emotions running this high everyone will be overly sensitive, and dealing with feelings that they don't typically encounter, and rarely encounter with such intensity. Buckle your seat belts, and as always I'm here if you need me.

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