Solar Eclipse In Libra 10/14/23

Solar Eclipse In Libra 10/14/23

Solar Eclipse in Libra

On October 14th a rare eclipse will take place in Libra. This is the first time in several years that we have experienced an Eclipse on Libra. As many of your know eclipses bring with them rapid fire changes and new opportunities for personal growth. This one will be no different. This Libra eclipse will give you the strength to rally the team and lead. Just make sure that you are leading in the right direction. Don't get over zealous, measure twice cut once!

If I haven't said it enough already, OH MY GOD OPEN YOUR EYES!,..... It's manifestation time people! How many more signs do you need?! I know, I know I have been a bit a broken record this year when it comes to manifestation and goals. It's events like these which have been presenting themselves one after another all year long which have me barking at all of you to succeed!

This Solar Eclipse in Libra is the first of two Eclipses that we will have this month.

On October 28th we will have a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. This paired with the Solar Eclipse in Libra is like the wind up pitch. We are just getting started! The Lunar Eclipse on Taurus will break down barriers and remove obstacles from your path, much like a bull in a china shop. This is a time when we see all the hard work and efforts that we have been investing in our projects finally come to fruition. We've hit pay dirt as they say!

This is a time that you can expect finances to be strong and only continuing to grow in strength. This is also a good time to work on reinvesting in yourself by regaining a sense of confidence in all areas of your life. Say it with me,...... I WILL succeed!

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I really enjoyed the article on the eclipse in libra. The energy shifts and how they affect relationships were very interesting to me. The link between celestial occurrences and our inner lives is truly mind-blowing. I look forward to reading more about it from esoterica awakenings!


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