Moon In Capricorn 12/14/23

Moon In Capricorn 12/14/23

A little less exciting this week but never the less full of insights! Today December 14th the Moon will be in Capricorn Trine Uranus in Taurus. That is to say that taking the normal route to work might not be the most efficient way to get things done today. It might severe you better to try to think outside the box and go at things in a way that you normally wouldn't. When you find yourself banging your head on the desk asking why god me, this would be a good time to try things a little differently. I know, it's not your normal way of doing things and it might feel a little odd, but you might just find that it turns the tide and makes this day a little less frustrating.

Tomorrow December 15th the Moon Enters Aquarius. FAN-tastic. Those of you who know me, will undoubtedly know that me saying FAN-tastic is really sarcasm and that this is NOT fantastic news. As if the very thing that we needed to add to this already emotional time was MORE EMOTION!!! Take a minute to let yourself drift into a dreamy eyed state of pure relaxation in which you spend those few fleeting anxiety free precious seconds lusting after your future desires, before someone storms into your office having a temper tantrum. Yes I know that was a run on sentence,.....

December the 16th the Sun in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces. Yup. Remember yesterday, when you could actually focus on those ambitions and achieve a state of temporary nap-like bliss,.... I'll bet you never thought that you would find yourself wishing you could back there,.... GUESS AGAIN! Today that all elusive metal sharpness is just going to illude you. You will probably find yourself feeling sleepy and ready for a nap at a moments notice. Find a dark closet in the office that no one ever looks in and make a secret nap nest. It's okay no one will notice........

December 18th Mercury will be in Capricorn Trine Jupiter in Taurus. Well this should bring some much needed balance to the emotional teeter totter we have been riding for the last week. After all the much needed nap time we have manage to find time for you will emerge from your nap closet with profound ideas! While still doing our best to approach things from a different perspective, it's time to put those big ideas to work.

December 19th the first Quarter Moon will be in Pisces. This is a good time to try really hard not to put your foot in your mouth. The Moon will also be entering Aries which might have you feeling ambitious and eager to make things happen. However under Mercury Retrograde and the influence of Pisces in the moon, others might mistake your zeal for scrutiny and find you abrasive and offensive instead of motivating and driven. You know how people say "use kid gloves",.... well you better go to the mall and hope that they are not sold out of those giant inflatable boxing gloves cause you're going to need a pair!

and finally December 20th that pesky Moon will be in Aries Square Mercury in Capricorn. Again back to the mental fog. Just hang in there. Maybe buy some new nap pillows. You know go wild the next time your on the linens isle.

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