Moon Enters Aquarius 10/22/23

Moon Enters Aquarius 10/22/23

Oct 22
Boy oh boy do we have a lot to cover today,

On October 22ed the Moon will enter Aquarius the moon being our closest astral body rules deeper emotions and feelings. With light and fluffy Aquarius energy you might find yourself feeling like it's easier to tackle those tasks you normally sideline. This is a good time to focus on those things you know make you squeamish, or just don't feel comfortable.

This same day Mercury will enter Scorpio and bring with it the intensity that Scorpio is famous for. This a good time to put that obsessive overly driven energy to work and loose yourself in an art project or dive into a new book. Try to avoid getting your nose stuck where it doesn't belong, and stay out of if when someone else say "What should I do with the rest of my life?" You may also want to stop yourself some doing any intense self examination right now. Scorpio can help you succeed but it can also give you the power to tear yourself down.

As if Scorpio wasn't doing enough already the cosmic overachiever will also be Trine Saturn in Pisces from Mercury. This means you may feel a big push to take charge or try to take control of things in your life that you typically don't feel the strength to tackle. Try to use your new found ambition for good and not evil. Remember this energy will fade and newly forged dictators often fall in the flames of their own uprising. Just saying, try not to go overboard. Keep your megalomania confined to the Monopoly board.

Venus will be in Virgo Trine Jupiter in Taurus this configuration will help to lighten the mood and give those around you an easy going vibe. Now is good time to seek unlikely new friendships and in the workplace this is a time to forge new alliances. You may find yourself oddly comforted by the very things you tend to feel displaced by.

October 23ed busy Scorpio will enter the Sun which will bring a new level of vigor and intensity to the mix as Scorpio tends to do. As Scorpio season dawns it's a good time to remember that you can achieve your dreams if you only apply yourself. This is often a time when transformation is in the air simply because impassioned Scorpio knows that they can do ANYTHING! Set your sights on the stars and don't look back! It's a new day friends!

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