Mercury Retrograde Inbound 12/7/2023

Mercury Retrograde Inbound 12/7/2023

Well it's another busy week in Astrology. On December 8th the moon will enter Scorpio. This will bring with it a the more methodical side of Scorpio giving you the ability to make changes to current events in your life. This could be simple things, or it could be long term goals. Careful to utilize this powerful tool of introspection wisely.  The following day Venus will be in Scorpio opposite Jupiter in Taurus, this energy stacking onto the prior days rush of desire to make changes might be dashed by a couch potato esk slacker energy. When these two energetic fronts combine you might feel like you are spinning your wheels and become overwhelmed with frustration. The best advice anyone could give here, is put your self in time out like you would a sugar fueled toddler on a tirade and take a nap. Trust me you will thank me later.

On the 11th Mercury will be in Capricorn Sextile Venus in Scorpio which should open some doors of communication, all be it however briefly. It might feel a bit strange trying to make new in roads with coworkers and people that you typically deal with on the daily however it could prove useful as groundwork for the more difficult astrological events to come. (No foreshadowing here,.......)

December 12th the New Moon will be in Sagittarius and with it will come a flood of can do energy. You will no doubt find yourself feeling invigorated and inspired to take on a new task or plan that next big event. Make sure to take advantage of this fleeting energy while it lasts and choose something simple that you can accomplish quickly so that you can cash in on a feeling of self accomplishment in the moment.

On December 13 Mercury Retrograde Begins in Capricorn. I know,....
This one is going to be a real pain in the arse too. Given that Capricorn tends to be upbeat, bubbly, and charismatic you can expect a lack of those optimistic can do attitudes which will be replaced with a feeling much like dragging your head on the pavement. You may feel like you are loosing ground or that projects you have worked hard on are loosing traction. This is a time when we all need to remember to form a plan and remain calm. The sky isn't falling, it's temporary. Just keep swimming as they say. The moon will also be in Capricorn which will give you a feeling that your self worth is wrapped up in your conquests at work. Don't allow this to overwhelm you. Remember that this is not your fault, and that you are more than your J.O.B.

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