The Moon, In EVERYTHING! 5/9/24

The Moon, In EVERYTHING! 5/9/24

May 9th the Moon will be in Gemini Sextile Mars in Aries. The fun loving side of Gemini can come out to play and give you the chance to look on the bright side of things today. However if left to wonder, Gemini might find themselves in a bit of an emotional pickle. Try not to get frustrated with yourself.

May 10th the Moon will be in Gemini Sextile Mercury in Aries as the Moon enters Cancer. Yeah cause you know, as if one Mirror sign wasn't enough to have bouncing around the stars we needed to add Cancer to it. No, no no, really it makes total sense! The combination of these energies is probably going to have you feeling like you were going to start an adventure today, but you can't remember which tree you left the car keys in. If you are a Gemini or a Cancer, you might find yourself saying things like "Let a professional handle this!" today is your day to shine. While the rest of us are struggling to understand the Gemini / Cancer logic you will be able to run circles around everyone else. Take advantage of this and bank some brownie points for the next time that you set something on fire by "accident" or you forget to open the garage door before backing in. The rest of us might be feeling more emotional than usual today. Try to keep a lid on that pot so it doesn't simmer over.

May 11th the Moon will be in Cancer Square Mars in Aries. I mean at this point you should see that there is a theme building here. Yeah this entire blog is just going to be filled with Mirror sign Moon junk. You know it's a heavy emotion month apparently we need that? I don't know, it's cleansing? Just go with it, and don't forget to duck! Being that everyone is on emotional red alert it might be best to warn others before you swing. It probably won't take much today after the over focus of the pair of twin energy from yesterday. Remember to respond, not react. Take a minute to gain some perspective and maybe take a chill pill before you blow your top.

May 12th the Moon will be in Cancer Sextile Uranus in Taurus. This is that darker side of Cancer, more reserved, Inward, hiding in the shell. Given additional strength to seek refuge in solitude by stubborn Taurus who will encourage the crab to pinch as hard as they can today! Today is probably a good day to focus on yourself and spending some quality me time with yourself. If you do need to connect with others today, remember not to poke too hard or you might incur the wrath of those pincers. Maybe stand back and poke with a broomstick!

May 13th the Sun will be in Taurus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus, Venus will be in Taurus Sextile Saturn in Pisces, and the Moon will enter Leo.   So, that's happening. This wacky combination of energies is probably going to have you feeling like you take yourself way to seriously and you should just, like, chill, man...... Seriously though, it's a good time to try and relax, but not forget that others are depending on you. Try to keep your goals attainable and simple today. Don't go off to slay the dragon, just figure out how you're going to get your boots on that day. Take a moment to feel a strong connection to the world and the people around you that you love and cherish. I said a minute, not all day. This could easily lead to distractions that have you off climbing trees looking for those car keys. Try to keep a grip on yourself and don't let your enthusiasm carry you away.

May 14th The Moon (AGAIN) will be in Leo Square Venus in Taurus. Distance is a good word for what you might experience today. Leo's pride comes out to play while Cautious Taurus is contemplative and unyielding in their stance today. Now's a good time to hide from the kids and eat all their cookies while they aren't looking. Try to focus your efforts toward yourself today. Don't let it turn to conflict.  

May 15th Mercury will enter Taurus. Oh joy. This is one of those times when things can feel like they are dragging on forever. The planet of communication will make a stop over in grounded practical and methodical Taurus who will want to stand around thinking about the intricacies of every fine detail of every single thought that comes to mind. The best way to avoid the slow down is to make a list and check it twice. Keep the kids on a rigid schedule today, don't let anyone hold you up with a conversation about the philosophical ramifications of milk duds, just politely dismiss yourself and be on your way. I might have to break out my tin foil hat,.....

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