Mars Enters Scorpio 10/12/23

Mars Enters Scorpio 10/12/23

On October 12th Mars will Enter Scorpio

Fasten your seat belt! This one could get wild! Not that intense Scorpio needs any encouragement to be more wild that they already are, but Mars will be kicking that vibration up a few notches. The power of Scorpio is the unwavering resolve that prevents Scorpio from accepting the word no. With this powerful driven energy abound now is the time to make your dreams into reality. Harness the great strength of this astrological event to overcoming obstacles in your life that you normally don't feel you can over come.

With the Moon entering Libra this day you might find that those around you are in need of support, and with your can do Mars Scorpio Vibe, they will likely turn to you for assistance. Remember to take on those challenges with a can do attitude and you are sure to be rewarded with cheers from the crowd as you cross the finish line! Focus, Focus, Focus!

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