Lunar Eclipse in Libra 3/21/24

Lunar Eclipse in Libra 3/21/24

March 21st the Sun will be in Aries Sextile Pluto in Aquarius. This energy will combine with Venus in Pisces conjunct Saturn in Pisces. The astrological configuration makes relationships easier today. You might find your partner more amenable to making changes that they have been resistant to in the past. Now is a good time to make some changes with the goal being more stability in the partnership.

March 22nd Mars will enter Pisces. Great. Just what we needed. Pisces intuitive side will be running hot, and cold as Pisces does. You may feel that you have a handle on everything and feel an abundance of self confidence. Try not to miss judge the situation.

March 23rd the Moon will be in Virgo Trine Uranus in Taurus, this can lead to the opening of many doors in the work space, if you are looking to try and reach for that promotion. Now is the time to network and put yourself in front of those making decisions.

March 24th Venus will be in Pisces Sextile Jupiter in Taurus. Can we please get the fish away from Mars..... Oh and as if this wasn't already going to be entertaining enough add to it the Moon in Libra. "Insert dramatic eye roll here!" This basically translates to, "I don't want to talk to anyone I just want to be left alone!, but I want everyone to try and talk to me and ask me 4983674654 times what is wrong!" Good luck,.... It's going to be one of those days.

March 25th The Libra Lunar Eclipse will take place. For those of you new to the blog, or astrology in general, Lunar Eclipses are seen as the opening of a door. It will bring change but it can be positive change. This Eclipse being seated in Libra will be influenced by that energy. Meaning that where there has been negativity in the past it can be balanced back out and shifted in a new direction. The influence of the moon focuses our emotional energy and as a result this Eclipse will effect personal relationships.

March 26th the Moon will be in Libra Opposite Mercury in Aries. Go walkabout today. It's just in the stars mate. You're likely to get lost on your way to the garage from the living room. Today is likely going to feel like an ADHD circus. Just go with it. See where things take you. In my house we call this going to slay the dragon, because god only knows where you will end up at the end of the journey.

March 27th the Moon will enter Scorpio. The Moon will also be in Scorpio Trine Mars in Pisces. This combination of events will give you a powerful focus filled with energy and drive to overcome obstacles and get to the bottom of problems in the workplace. Really roll up your sleeves today and dig in.

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