1/15/24 Uranus Direct

1/15/24 Uranus Direct

 It's that time again,.... Today January 25th the Moon will enter Leo. This is a good time to focus on creative projects. Work may seem to be a distraction that you might avoid today. Feeling more like embracing whimsy. Strive for balance but likely you will still feel driven toward creativity instead. This will also develop into the Full Moon and this powerful playfulness will have you seeking out the attention of your partner.

January 26th the Moon will be in Leo Square Uranus in Taurus. This combination of energies might have you feeling like a bull waiting in the shoot, or a bucking bronco kicking in the stall. Fits of restlessness might be on the agenda here and the best way to fight it is to try to focus on one thing at a time. Plan breaks and rest stops along the way. Take time to redirect your energy to something not focused on work today.

January 27th the Sun will be in Aquarius Square Jupiter in Taurus while Mercury is in Capricorn Conjunct to Mars in Capricorn. This combination of celestial forces might have you in a Gemini-esk debate with yourself. On one hand Aquarius square is going to give us a couch potato vibe and in this potato state of meditation you will find that your mind is churning out a million ideas a minute thanks to the Mercury Capricorn influence.

This can be exhausting for some and you might find that you are frustrated with yourself because while you have all these great ideas you can't seem to find the motivation to remove your posterior from the couch.  The moon will also enter into Virgo, making this one of those days where its best to focus on the little stuff. Try to make the best of a not so great day and keep things simple and light. There is always tomorrow.

The long reaching Uranus retrograde will also end today. This retrograde caused a lot of hold ups for a lot of people but with those obstacles now removed, you can be free to start to work on building your golden brick road once again, but probably wait until tomorrow before you get started.

January 28th Venus will be in Capricorn Sextile Saturn in Pisces, Mercury will be in Capricorn Trine Uranus in Taurus, and Venus will be in Capricorn Trine Jupiter in Taurus. This is a powerful overlap that lays the groundwork for success. That is of course if you know how to do the dance. This is a great time to focus on building new connections, networking, and generally making progress on all levels. Especially in the business.

January 29th Mars will be in Capricorn Trine Uranus in Taurus. With good old Taurus holding your feet to the ground now is a time to make that enthusiastic push for growth in your career space. Meet the challenges head on and remember to make good use of those horns. You may have to stand your ground but, when Taurus digs in, not many can move them. It's also a good idea to try taking the path less traveled. Step outside of the average box and see that there are rewards you don't normally find down this road.

January 30th the Moon will Enter Libra. Yay,..... Can you hear how happy I am about this,...... The Moon will also be in Libra Square Venus in Capricorn. While Libra has the ability to bring balance to some situations, Libra is equally as skilled at throwing everything out of balance by over correcting. This is a good time to try to do some inward reflection about finding balance but with the influence of Venus in Cap it's going to be hard to find the quiet alone time to process. Try to be patient when that obnoxious person you can't stand decides that you are their best friend for the day and they can't let you out of their sight. Try,.... again I said try,.... to be kind. However when they try to sit in your lap at lunch or follow you into the bathroom it's okay to establish a boundary, just don't do it with your taser or pepper spray.

January 31st the Moon will be in Libra Square Mars in Capricorn. You might find yourself easily annoyed today. Little things are bound you set you off like a mouse trap. Try to remember it's catch and release season. Don't go for the jugular. Take a deep breath, maybe some Prozac, and just keep it moving. It's not worth it. Today would probably make for a good mental health holiday. Just try to remember that the stars are not on your side today. Everything should be more normal tomorrow.

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