Pluto in Aquarius 3/14/24

Pluto in Aquarius 3/14/24

Well with Mercury retrograde on the horizon it's bound to be an interesting week. Tomorrow March 15th the Moon will be in Gemini Sextile Mercury in Aries this is a good time to find focus and apply it to one task at a time. Try not to overload yourself by juggling all those office staplers at one time.

March 16th the Moon will be in Gemini Trine Mars in Aquarius, which is to say that we are in a state of transition. Now is a good time to get out for a walk and embrace something outside of your normal day to day trappings.

March 17th the will be Sun in Pisces Conjunct Neptune in Pisces, this combination of cosmic forces might have you feeling over the moon with positive vibes. It's a good time to share that enthusiasm with others especially in your personal relationships.

March 18th the Moon will be in Cancer Sextile Uranus in Taurus. Let your freak flag fly baby! With Taurus in party mode we remember to let our true self shine and remain loyal to our self regardless of who is watching and what they think. We know who we are, if they don't like it that's just too bad. :P
March 19th the Sun will be in Enters Aries. Once again this overwhelming power will aim to charge our batteries and have everyone buzzing with can do bright high vibrational energy. Put that energy to good use and focus on your goals. This drive can be applied to relationships but it's maybe more well suited to business.

March 20th the Moon will be in Leo Square Jupiter in Taurus. After all that crazy running around from the last couple days of high energy the batter is finally drained! Today is a good day to put your feet up and take a nap. Maybe move a little slower today, take some time getting around to doing those daily tasks. Just move at your own pace today.

March 21st the Sun will be in Aries Sextile Pluto in Aquarius. As if we didn't already have enough transformational energy happening, the universe said HERE IS SOME MORE! This powerful combination of energies will give you the ability to revisit things in your life that may not be where you wanted them to be and bring them back into focus, or not. It's up to you but now is a time to make effective changes and cut loose things in your life that want to leave behind, or rededicate yourself to them.

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