Why is love so hard?

Why is love so hard?

Just why does it become so hard to make connections with people?

I mean really? Is this so hard?


So as some of you might or might not know, I have been single now for about three years. While working on trying to put a relationship back together, I have been trying to work on myself. Sometimes that is easier said than done, right?


Never the less I recently (A year ago) put myself back out in the world. Trying to see if anyone might check all those boxes. Sadly my experience has been nothing short of, well, F$%^ing nonsense.


Why does it become so much more challenging to accept that there is someone who could be interested in you despite your faults. We all have them,... whether we want to admit it or not. WE ARE ALL BROKEN! On some level we all have issues. It’s just the human way of life. We all get insecure about something, at some point in our life. It’s okay.


So why then, can’t we accept that someone could also really not care about those insecurities? I often have this conversation with clients. Sometimes it’s not about being skeptical or cynical. It’s just about acceptance. I guess that Is a key issue of the day.


We live in a time when everyone is fighting for acceptance but not feeling like they are being listened to. Maybe that’s it. Maybe it is just as simple as we don’t hear each other. NO, wait, I listen!!!! Better than almost anyone.


A friend recently pointed out to me as she herself is in the midst of her own struggle that I tend to be a well spring of hope eternal. She is right, despite how bitter or raw I feel about something or someone. I always seem to find my way back to feeling like “Maybe next time?”


I must be crazy. I don’t know. I like to think that there is someone for everyone.


What’s the point?


Pfff .......


Dust yourself off, pick yourself up. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day,...


Seriously, finding the right fit takes time. It isn’t as simple as going to the corner store and picking one out off the rack. I wish! Remember to breathe, just because this one wasn’t the right one doesn't mean that the right one isn’t still out there. Keep your chin up, you will find that person.

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