Venus Enters Taurus

Venus Enters Taurus

March 16th 2023 Venus enters Taurus

I know what you are thinking,....... Here we go again, time for a good ol fashioned argument.
Well, maybe.

In truth the arrival of Taurus energy in Venus should actually produce the opposite effect. Expect that quality time will be more sensual with a strong desire for physical connection with that special somebody. This energy can give way to passion and excitement that has been missing from the bedroom for a while given the more recent astrological events we have encountered.

While there is a small risk of conflict when it comes to love and relationships communication it's a fairly small one. Try to remember to be flexible, and keep those horns to yourself. However when it comes to the work arena it's far more likely that you will find yourself frustrated by coworkers who just seem to want to drag you into a disagreement. This is why it might be challenging to stay team positive but trust me, you don't want to throw a left hook! Just save that black eye fantasy for when you are screaming into your secret stress release pillow. You know the one you keep in your office closet..... Just kidding but seriously, try to avoid allowing minor conflicts to escalate into major conflicts. Just be the bigger person and report them to your boss instead of chipping a veneer.

Intuitive powers are increased for everyone during a time like this. It's highly likely that you can sense what others are lacking and struggling to communicate. Now is a good time to lend a helping hand and offer a helpful word, so long as it is more than four letters in length. This is a good time to try to find comfort by helping others. It is also a good time for personal reflection. Not naming names *Cough, Cough!*

Remember that when it comes to dealing with those frustrations that idle hands are never a good thing! Try to keep yourself busy with the task at hand and focus on one thing at a time. When communication becomes challenging take a deep breath and try your best to diffuse negativity. Don't contribute to it.

In case you don't follow any of this advice and find yourself with your hands around the throat of a colleague, operators will be standing by to schedule an appointment so I can talk you down off the ledge. (This is a joke, seriously don't strangle anyone!!! Bad, NO, Don't laugh!!!!)

Love & Light

J.J. Dean

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