The Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

The Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

March, 14th, 2023

For those who don't already know the last quarter moon is a turning point during which the final stage of the lunar cycle comes to a close. This event clears the path for the new moon and the start of a fresh lunar cycle.

Lets face it, the last six months, well three years really have been an utter three ring $#!% show! Well with the arrival of Pisces you can let your guard down just a little. Shrug off the nonsense and have a good laugh. Just let it all out. The last quarter moon takes place when the sun is Pisces and the moon is in Sagittarius. That is to say that while feeling light and fearless that the fires of passion still burn bright.

Now is the time for that spring clearing and cleaning that you have been putting off all winter. Sagittarius will push us to feel lighthearted and remind us not to take ourselves so seriously. This is a good time to be vigilant for new opportunities that might arise. I said it before and I will say it again,...... Manifesters, THIS IS YOUR TIME! We can all use this positive energy to motivate yourself into the place we really want to be!

Mars will also be in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces which should help to lift some of the haze that has been clouding your world. As the storm passes and the clouds part you should be feeling much more energized and ready to take on the world. Remember to keep your chin held high and to take in the world around you clearly. This is a time for renewed efforts on all fronts and a time to pull your dreams into reality!

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