The Cosmic Toad!

The Cosmic Toad!

The season of the Toad is upon us!

As we have been talking about for the last couple of weeks the super moon on August 31st was a powerful astrological event that brought with it the power the change the bad things in our life, to let go of old blockages and to manifest our dreams. It is no supersize that I have been seeing Toads EVERYWHERE since. It's only been two days but they are everywhere.

To many Native American cultures the toad was seen as a symbol of transformation because they possess the ability to adapt to both life on land and it water. This also gives the Toad a connection to the seasons and cycles of the rain which brings with it new life and abundance. No doubt that the Toad was seen as a good omen. A sign of a plentiful harvest to come.

In the Chinese practice of Feng Shui a Three legged toad is a sign of good luck. The tree legged toad is considered to represent long life and good luck. Especially when talking about financial abundance. Toads are a common occurrence in Chinese art, for this reason the toad is seen as a sign of incoming wealth.  

Toads are often seen as a symbolic reference to the transformation from a child into adulthood. This representation symbolizes rebirth and resurrection. Toads with their adaptable nature are easy going. They go with the flow and are not bothered by changes in the physical world. Sometimes seen as a symbol of change that is necessary to grow and achieve further success.

Remember that now is the time to manifest your dreams and make those dreams into your reality. The universe is pushing powerful energies to us that give us the ability to make these things happen even more easily. Every toad is a reminder to manifest change in your life. So save this photo and every time you see it remember to focus your intentions, tell the universe what you want.

Stay positive!


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