The Beaver Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

The Beaver Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

As many of you already know lunar eclipses take place when a new moon has activated the north and south nodes. These powerful points symbolize our past and our destiny moving forward. It is for this reason that Lunar eclipses have a huge transformative impact.

Enter The Beaver Moon. The old farmers almanac gives the November full moon the name of full Beaver Moon, stating that this is a time of year in which beavers tend to be more active. Building dams and lodges in anticipation of winter.  

A full moon occurs when the sun and moon are in opposing signs. Being that the sun is in Scorpio that puts the moon in Taurus. These signs while opposing, bring balance along with new challenges. Conflict could arise just as easily as compromise. In this way the energy of the moon in Taurus gives us a feeling of groundedness. Scorpio on the other hand is going to push us to move out of that comfort zone and take risks for greater rewards. Stubborn Taurus will again remind us to be cautious in this time of change.

With the full moon in Taurus you may feel a strong need for emotional closeness, physical intimacy, and togetherness. Obviously when we talk about Taurus and its' influence, money and financial security come into question. With the sun in the rushing river currents of Scorpio opposed by the moon in mountainous earthy Taurus a sharper focus on our earnings during this time is very likely. As we find ourselves working with others to build stronger there is a chance that we can find a moment of level balanced harmony created by working together. In this moment of serenity it is possible to feel well grounded and centered, giving you the ability to set strong boundaries for yourself and others especially in the work place.

However this isn't your typical full moon in Taurus. This full moon in Taurus will be subject to a full eclipse. As many of you know lunar eclipses are powerful tools of transformation and change. As a result of these types of celestial movements we often see radical change in our lives. Things may not look the same as they did before, and often times these are life changing events. Unions or Separations, are common place in the days surrounding and following a lunar eclipse.

The good news is that Taurus is in the north node, while Scorpio is opposite in the south node. This means we might see a pooling of resources for stability and a renewed sense of comfort. We should feel more grounded and able to let go of old grudges. This eclipse should mark the break of old cycles and repeated toxic patterns.

The moon being our closest astral body tends to act as a magnifying glass when included in astrological alignments and here we see that demonstrated again. The moon in Taurus and Uranus in Taurus double down to create a cautiously adventurous spirit, and give us the strength to push our own limits and make radical changes. The moon often rules our emotions and with the combination of Uranus there is a likelihood that you might feel like you are on a bit of a roller coaster ride. This is a time to think like the bull, go forward and adventure but do so cautiously.  

With the sun in close proximity to Mercury and Venus in Scorpio communication should be wide open. The also forms a trine with Neptune which will generate an emotionally positive focus. The sun, moon, Venus, and Mercury square Saturn in Aquarius which pushes us all to redefine boundaries and raise the bar higher. All the while the energy of Taurus opposed to Scorpio daring us to elevate those around us as we set higher standards for all.  

With the current Mars retrograde in Gemini you may feel forced to scrutinize your own motivations. Gemini is constantly looking in the mirror at themself. Continually faced with their own actions and issues. Now those of us without Gemini in our chart get to experience what they deal with daily. Be prepared to face what makes you angry, what makes you happy, and what is really important to you. This is a chance to take a deep dive and work on getting to know yourself better. If you are honest with yourself during this time of heightened self awareness this eclipse can be of awe inspiring benefit to you.

Taurus is known for being stubborn, no question about it, but this eclipse gives the bull an opportunity to raise their head high and use those horns for a different purpose. While change is often uncomfortable, the influence of Taurus will see us hoarding our favorite ice cream, making a pile of pillows on the floor in front of the TV to binge those last five seasons we have been putting off, or lighting some candles, lowering the lights, and cuddling up for some intimate closeness.

In closing this eclipse gives us a good opportunity to manifest our financial goals and to communicate with those around us both at work and in our personal relationships. This is a good time to draw close to loved ones and prepare for positive changes and shifts in the months to come. Use this time to reflect, relax, and reinvest in yourself.

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