I had started a business which had me traveling constantly and kept me away from home for 3 to 4 months at a time. When you are constantly on the move like that it can have some very serious effects.

Things were starting to look pretty grim for both me and the business. I was in a position where if the business went under while I was away from home I would be standing on a street with everything I owned trying to plan my next move. Being that close to what feels like impending doom isn’t an easy thing to face.

I tried as always to turn a negative into a positive and kept coming up with more things to fear as opposed to solutions. So I decided to simply shut off that part of my brain, I said “Hey you! Brain, Shut UP!”.  I just needed to take a mental break and try to relax. So I took my camera, walked out the front door of the hotel and walked around snapping pictures. When I got back to the hotel and was cycling through the photos I had taken this one, that stopped me.

Something about the up and down, like the climb of a hill. Like this streak of white light represented the hill I was climbing and the various different streaks of light in the background the struggles of others. It just made me feel like this situation was about the climb. The struggle itself, and somehow it made me feel better knowing that it wasn’t that I was failing. Nothing so permanent as failure, it was just a struggle.

Struggles are part of life, and sometimes they feel more like waging a one person war on the tide of bills, family life, love life, responsibility and all of those things that we as people are told me must do to live a happy life. Once my perspective changed, the fear subsided slightly and I was able to really get a clear look at what I was facing and how I needed to resolve the problems at hand.

In case the suspense was killing you, I did resolve it. I got up that hill as they say. It just took me a little while to remember that I had the strength.

As a psychic I am often faced with helping others navigate the psyche, the dark emotions that we fear.

Sometimes this is in the form of the loss of a loved one, other times it's the loss of a lover. Other times it's the loss of a job. We all encounter these events in our lives and some might say that these moments define you as a person.

However, I disagree. I feel very strongly that the events in our life do not define us, yet the way that we choose to overcome those events is in fact what defines who we are. The choices that we make, that shape our character, personality and our perception of the world we live in.

Nothing is one sided. Nothing is even two sided. If you really stop to think about something, there are numerous, countless ways even, that you can perceive a single issue. From your own vantage point, from the vantage points of others, from the vantage point of the universe, from the vantage point of time. Etc, etc, etc,…

How we choose to see the events in our life is the secret power that so many people fail to realize. By choosing to look at a situation negatively we give power to that dark energy. To the fear that can overwhelm us. By choosing to see those negatives as a positive we deny the darkness any power. 

We truly are capable of creating our own destiny through will power alone. Choose to see a negative as a positive. Try to get some distance from the situation so that you can see it clearly removing yourself from the fog of the emotions you feel in the heat of the moment and be objective. Silence the panic and fear of change and try to see what this change will really cause to happen. There is a positive somewhere on that path. Once you find it, realize that this negative happened for a reason. That there is a positive which follows it and that there is meaning and purpose in that action.

The universe operates on a principle cycles of balance. Wherever there is a negative there must be a positive. We may not see it at first. Yet where there is an action, there is always an equal reaction which is acting to restore balance.

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