Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak

From "My Psychic Friend" 

One afternoon I had just arrived at work it was a somewhat slow day, as summers normally are during the afternoons when everyone is out enjoying the weather. The prior shift had just recently left and I was settling in for my shift. I went to get my phone and plugged it into the stereo and found waiting emails. Normally I just hit clear and disregarded them as they tend to be junk mail.

However this fateful day I made the mistake of reading. I had received an email from the dating site. Someone was not only interested in me but had also messaged me. Now we all know, when someone says DON'T PUSH THE BIG RED BUTTON! What do we do? PUSH THE DAMN BUTTON! I know it's terrible but my curiosity got the better of me.

I clicked the link in the email and found Carlos, moments later we were texting and later that night we were talking on the phone and suddenly we were sitting across the table from each other. Nervously fanning and daring to steal a glance at one another when the other wasn't looking. The only thing that went through my mind the entire time, other than the sound of blood rushing in and out of my ears was "he's so beautiful." As time went on and we continued to see more and more of each other things only got better.

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