Skeptical about psychics?

Skeptical about psychics?

Well the truth is, you probably should be. I mean on some level? Right?

As a professional psychic, those are the last words anyone wants for me to say. However the reality of it is very simple. There are now, always have been and always will be people who will try to take advantage of you. Not only in the realm of psychics, but in everyday life. It is simply in the nature of some people to take advantage of others. I will not make excuses for them simply because some of them wear the guise of being a real psychic.

Just as in all areas of life we can find people who are dishonest and disingenuous, but we don’t label an entire group of people as dishonest and disingenuous simply because of one person who happens to be part of that group. That would be like killing all the bees in the world because one stung you, therefore they must all be a threat right? Wrong!

This is an issue that I face frequently in my capacity as a professional psychic and tarot reader. New clients are hesitant to believe anything that you say because they have been taken advantage of, or have dealt with a disingenuous psychic in the past. I am frequently asked by clients “How do I know that you are right?”

What I tell clients is very simple. You don’t. The mind doesn’t work that way. We hear something about the possibility of the future and the rational mind says “NO,..Nooooo, that can’t be right!” because our instinct as people is one of self preservation and to allow a prediction to be accepted as fact would simply be too big a risk of feeling let down or hurt if the prediction isn’t accurate.

This comes down to a level of trust, that is where people get taken advantage of, by giving their trust to a psychic to easily. When you speak with a psychic, you can generally tell what type of person they are by the things that they say. The way that they say it and how they respond when you ask a question. The level of sincerity in what they are saying. How they approach a situation, and most importantly what they feel is the outcome.

I suppose my approach is different from that of others. A lot of clients are confused after they talk to me the first time because I don’t tell them what to do, I only offer what I see. which I encourage them to take with a grain of salt and allow them to make the decision on how they proceed based on the information that I give them.

NO psychic should ever tell you what to do, they should only tell you how they feel the situation will develop based on which path you decide to take in resolving that situation and offer you a perspective on what is the best path to take. A real psychic will advise you, not direct you.

I myself am interested in helping others, while it is true that I make money doing this my goal isn’t to drain your bank account. It isn’t to keep you on the phone or to get you to keep calling me. In fact I have clients that I have told they needed to call less often and I have clients who talk to me for 2 minutes at a time. This isn’t about getting what I can out of you, it’s about me giving you what ever I can to help you feel in control of your life. My goal is to help you work through the situation that you are dealing with. To help guide you in a situation when you feel like you don’t know which direction to go in. I can’t make that decision for you, but I can offer insight into which direction could make things a little easier. 

My advice on this mater is simple. Take everything that any psychic says with a grain of salt. We can only tell you what we see, hear, feel or read in the cards. What you do with that information can change the outcome of those events, you shape your own destiny by the choices that you make. What we see in the cards is subject to change, it is not absolute. I believe that our gift has a limit for a reason. I can’t read minds, because that would be cheating. However I can feel emotions and give you a pretty good idea of what someone might be thinking based on how they feel, and more often than not I’m right. That accuracy comes from my 12 years of experience working with my gifts.

If you are seeking guidance and wisdom from a psychic my advice is that you find someone who you connect with, that is genuine, who doesn’t tell you what to do, but that tells you what you can do to resolve the issues you are facing. Decide for yourself what you need to do, don’t let anyone decide for you.

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