Seven Planet Retrograde!!! No Seriously,.....

Seven Planet Retrograde!!! No Seriously,.....

So clients have been asking me what in the literal hell is going on?

I deiced to do some astrology research and discovered the source of some of the turbulence. I know what you are thinking, Mercury is retrograde and while you are absolutely right about that, there are also currently Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all joining the party as well...

That's right, before it's all said and done there are going to be seven planets in Retrograde overlapping one another over the next few months. Seriously this is one of those times when anything can be possible but also when your actions can have serious consequences as you move forward.

The real kicker is that all of these planets align with the Blue Moon on August 30th. This powerful event will signal a great time of change. Don't panic this is actually a good thing. Full moons especially a "Super Blue Moon" is meant to give us a chance to look inward and heal, but it is also a time when we are most connected to our intuitive self.

This Full moon should mark a powerful energy of change in the universe. Kind of like hanging a hard left turn without pumping the brake first! It might be a bit turbulent but it should make way for some positivity. Keep your eyes pealed over the next few days, I will be diving deeper in to an analysis of each step of the this retrograde tidal wave as each breaks on the shore.

Needles to say, buckle up!

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