Saturn Enters Pisces

Saturn Enters Pisces

The rundown for March

As we approach March I thought it was time to let you know about some of the events unfolding in the sky. March 1st Venus will influence communication in love and relationships. This isn't a long lasting window of opportunity however there will be a handful of days at the onset of March during which time communications surrounding love, relationships, and matters of the heart should be a little easier to manage.

On March 7th, 2023 Saturn will enter Pisces where it will remain until February 14th, 2026.

As many of you know Saturn is the end all be all power in the universe which causes, or rather forces change in the universe in some instances. Saturn is often represented as disciplined, Focused, or Determined. For the past three years Saturn has been firmly lodged in Aquarius. Taking the plunge out of the air into the water things are going to feel much different.

As you might expect things should become a little less stressful with this change. The influence of Pisces on Saturn's energy should give us all a chance to experience a more grounded and practical approach to our day to day life. It is also easy to become distracted from our goals when we enter this kind of energy. Pisces is often associated with choices which need to be made. Try not to linger too long in making your choice.

Saturn entering Pisces is just the tip of the Ice burg. It is the first event in a chain of astrological events which will come to shift and change the world we live in over the course of the next decade. This event is similar to the one we experienced at the start of 2020. However this time around I believe that it will have a positive impact.

Saturn in Pisces is a time when dreams can become reality. When anything you choose to manifest can become a central theme in your life. This is that time that we have been talking about. Where a new business can be built, thrive, and succeed. When new bonds can be built in relationships and old wounds can be healed. This is the time when we can forge a new path for ourselves.

As always I will keep you informed of new events as they come along. Keep your head held high and look to the future with hope.

Love & Light,


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