Retrograde Update

Retrograde Update

August 27th Mars will enter Libra

For those of you who have been following the blog you probably already know that Mars has a strong influence on work, finance, and career related issues. This one is going to be no different. While Libra's energy tends to struggle to find balance in a lot of areas, the workplace isn't one of them! So you can count on those partnerships being strong, and being able to focus on tackling those big projects. Solidarity is the word for the day!

While Mars in Libra endeavors to balance things out the Sun will be in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces. This will give us the energy to jump up out of the chair and take action. However, the limitations provided by cautious Pisces will put up road block. This is a time when you might feel that your hands are being tied and that you are being confined or restricted. This energy paired with Mars in Libra might make you feel a little bit like you are spinning your wheels at work.

This might make it seem like getting those contracts signed or those new clients on board isn't happening the way that you want it to. Just take a deep breath and keep working toward your goal. Things are going to line up, just not today. You know who you are!

On August 28th the Moon will enter Aquarius

As many of you know the moon is our closest astral body which heavily influences our emotions and feelings, as this transition occurs we also have the moon moving into place as a super moon. Add to that equation powerful and deeply emotional Aquarius energy and you can expect a powerful energy which will open the floor gates of emotions to help us release grudges that we have been holding onto and draw closer to those in our life that we feel a strong bond with.

Uranus will officially enter retrograde this same day, even better Uranus is retrograde in Taurus. This means that you are likely to face a great deal of frustration as Uranus will slow things down. Adding a sort of cosmic red tape to the mix. Paired with stubborn Taurus energy which will have you beating your head against a wall trying to force things to happen.

Take a deep breath. It's not the end of the world. This is a good time to build a strategy for how to take the next steps once we get past all the red tape. Don't focus on what you can't accomplish in this moment. Instead prepare for how to accomplish more and make the most of your time moving forward. Go with the flow.

Be like the graceful pine swaying in the whispering wind.......

Uh, huh,.... That is very zen of you!

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