Retrograde report!

Retrograde report!

Ok, I know,......

It's been one extra special pain in the A%& of month.

Good news though, kinda,... On August 19th the moon will enter Libra. "I know, I know, where is the good news?" Well while you might not think that sounds like good news it actually is. The moon entering Libra gives us a chance to find some balance and Libras normal teeter totter actually serves to counter balance some of the rollacoaster vibes that we have been contending with.

On august 23ed the sun will enter Virgo which will give you the big push to get those menial tasks out of the way. Unfortunately this Virgo Sun is really just the house cleaning in preparation for the impact of Mercury which will officially begin its retrograde in Venus on the same day.

"But wait, you said it was good news,...." I also said "Kinda,....." Read the fine print. sheesh!

You're all well versed in what I'm about to say, but just in case we have someone brand new in the audience I'm going to cover it again. Mercury retrograde is obviously a time when communication is a struggle. I don't have to tell you that, but with the influence of the other retrogrades which are currently happening this Mercury retrograde packs a little bit of a punch. A sucker punch that is! The combined energies that pile on top of Mercury make it difficult to see where that left hook is coming from. Clearly with Venus retrograde in full swing (July 23ed to September 4th) we can expect that there is going to be some turbulence in love and relationships as a result of incoming Mercury.

This is one of those times when I warn you all not to make big choices. Take time to reflect. Don't react, respond. The difference being a reaction is acting on your instant emotional impulse. A response is making an educated choice after reflecting on your feelings. Remember to breathe, take sufficient breaks. (A break is time for yourself without your phone or other interruptions.) Put everything down and be one with nature and the universe for 30 seconds. Focus on anything that isn't the drama in your life and as always I will be here if you need some extra support.

"Operators are standing by,......"

Also If you didn't laugh at any of my terrible jokes through the course of this entire article you really need to think about how triggered you are by this retrograde already and buy a stress ball.

Hang in there folks it's going to get bumpy.

Love & Light,


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