Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius

Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius

Today May 1st Pluto will enter Retrograde in Aquarius

I know what you are thinking,..... Aren't we already in a retrograde?!
But don't panic! Pluto retrograde is actually a positive thing. Pluto gives us the power to rewrite what has already been written in some cases and it can be a powerful tool that helps us adjust to recent major changes in your life.
Many of my clients will no doubt recall me saying that the season of the universe is changing and because of that change we have seen some serious turbulence in our day to day lives. This retrograde in Pluto will give us the ability to put the chaos of those changes into perspective and start down a new path with positivity.

Today the Sun in Taurus is conjunct to Mercury in Taurus ,.....
Which is a complicated way of saying that over the next few weeks you will find it much easier to get focused on the things that excite you. This will more than likely spill into all areas of your life but I feel it will be predominantly focused in the work environment. Now is the time to start looking for that new job!

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