Pluto Enters Aquarius

Pluto Enters Aquarius

Pluto Enters Aquarius March 23rd 2023

I knew something felt off! Turns out I was right,.....

So Pluto is moving out of Capricorn where it has been for over ten years! This is a pretty significant event astrologically. This is a really profound move for Pluto which rules emotions surrounding sex and death. Pluto is the God of the Underworld in Greek mythology, commonly associated with Hades, and is the ruler of Scorpio. Pluto is seen as a manifester of your deeper hidden desires.

As Pluto transits into Aquarius it will bring about a driving force of change. This energy will cause many of us to feel a need to right some wrongs in our life and change the course we are on for good. Lasting changes can be difficult to manifest however with the influence of Pluto in Aquarius it becomes much easier. You may find yourself passionate about things that you had put on the back burner. We can't forget the influence of Saturn in Pisces when we are looking to make changes. Try to stay focused and make sure that the changes you plan to make are for the better and not the worse.

We also have the moon entering Taurus (You know who you are! I so called it!)

The moon being our closest astral body has a tendency to act like a magnifying glass and amplify the energies which are influencing it. This means that you may feel an overwhelming sense of importance where it comes to financial stability. With the chaos brought about by Saturn's transit into Pieces you may feel a need to bring some order to the madness and this moon in Taurus will aid you in tying up some of those loose ends to give you a feeling of security.

Keep your chin up, and your eyes on the prize!

Love & Light
J.J. Dean

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