My gift

My gift



People often ask what my gifts are and how they work. When I do a reading for someone I start by focusing on the energy of the person, or the people who are involved with the situation that the client is asking about, while feeling this energy I can reach out and feel the feelings of those people, I can in a sense see through what they are feeling. I then use the cards to confirm, or help guide me to see what is happening in the situation. Once I feel that I have found the source of the issue I then relay this information to the client.

Often times explaining in great and specific detail how and what that person is feeling and how it affects the situation that they are in. Through my years of experience I have faced many situations in my personal life as well as in others, and this experience combined with the connection to the energy of the people involved I can then offer a way to proceed forward, perhaps a solution to the problem, or simply some guidance on how to deal with the situation.

I never tell people what to do, I only provide clients with insight into the situation and offer ideas for how to resolve the situation. I don’t judge anyone, we all face times in life where we need an impartial friend to turn to, and for a great many people that friend, it is me. No matter what your situation is, no matter how embarrassing it is, no matter how frightening it is to you I will always be a calm voice of compassion, reason, and insight to those events.

My goal is to provide you with a plan to bring love, light and harmony into your life and leave you feeling informed. With the ability to see very specific details, I leave no stone unturned in my readings, while being direct and honest about what I see. I will not paint you a bed of roses, I will not lie to you. I offer only honesty with compassion. If you are in need of guidance, look no further.

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