Moon in Cancer, Taurus sextile Saturn, First Quarter Moon In Leo!

Moon in Cancer, Taurus sextile Saturn, First Quarter Moon In Leo!

April 24th The Moon Enters cancer

As the moon influences our emotions and feelings you may find yourself feeling a bit fragile this day. Today is one of those days to stay close to home and the people and things which are comfortable and familiar. Today is a good day to have difficult conversations with yourself and maybe curl up with a good book and some ice cream.

April 25th Sun in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces

With Saturn's powerful energy pushing a mix of disciplined Taurus and ambitious Pisces energy you may find today to be just about the opposite of the prior day. Feelings strong and confident after an ice cream nap we can make a return to diligently pursuing tasks that we what to tackle and finish.

April 27th The first Quarter moon in Leo

With all of this Taurus energy abound the universe seems to see fit to give us a vacation from all that seriousness in the form of playful Leo's energy. As Leo enters the moon you will likely find yourself wanting to take a break from the mundane and seeking to spend time with loved ones. Going to that favorite spot, and eating favorite foods.

This Leo moon will give you an opportunity to juggle some of that Taurian work attitude and make room for more of the fun stuff. You may find yourself more inspired than usual by those that you keep closest to you.
Try not to loose sight of those goals but don't forget to spend some time relaxing, after all you have earned it!

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