Mercury Retrograde In Capricorn

Mercury Retrograde In Capricorn

  • Pre Shadow begins December 12th, 2022
  • December 29th, 2022 to January 18th,2023
  • Post Shadow Ends February 23ed, 2023

Ah fer crap sake, here we go again...

It seems like we just did this and as much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, we are facing another retrograde in Mercury. The fourth and final Mercury retrograde of 2022 and technically the first of 2023. On December 12th, 2022 we will enter the preshadow of Mercury retrograde influenced by the energetic power of Capricorn. December 29th, 2022 will officially begin the retrograde which will conclude on January 18th, 2023 however this retrograde will carry with it an extra long post shadow which will last until February 23ed, 2023.

While Capricorn is generally a well grounded earth sign ruled by Saturn's strict energy, Capricorn also has a less commonly seen wicked side. Capricorn are generally known for professionalism and a can do attitude, however during a retrograde such as this, Capricorn can be easily irritable and quick to temper. As we begin the journey through Mercury retrograde in Capricorn you may find yourself feeling frustrated, as well made plans begin to be interrupted by unforeseen bumps in the road. Take a deep breath. Try to be flexible and go with the flow. This is one of those times when extra support and emotional comfort will be paramount with loved ones.

Communication is always a challenge in any Mercury retrograde and there are bound to be frustrations any time that we deal with a celestial influence such as the messenger planet's. Clearly this is some kind of cosmic joke, having already been a difficult year with the retrogrades we have faced in mercury we get this one last haha sending us out of the year with a bang.

For those with natal sun/Mercury in Libra or Aries you better buckle your seat belt. Things are going to get turbulent. This is a time to make sure that you are communicating clearly, not leaving any room for misunderstanding. Be exceptionally clear, direct, and to the point. Spell it out if you have to. Leave no room for misunderstanding. Remember to be kind and try to soften your words as this retrograde influence can cause people around you to perceive you as agitated and off putting when you don't intend to.

Remember to keep your chin up, take a deep breath, and stay focused on the positive.

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