Mercury must be in retrograde again,....

Mercury must be in retrograde again,....

Mercury must be in retrograde again,....

Well folks, buckle your seat belts because its that time again. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but here we are. As if Mars in Taurus wasn't bad enough, just as that alignment ends on the 20th of August we will be entering the preshadow of mercury retrograde on the 22ed of August. Here is a break down of the timeline.


  • August 22ed marks the start of the preshadow.
  • August 22ed Mercury will be in Libra.
  • September 9th officially starts the retrograde.
  • September 23ed Mercury will transit into Virgo.
  • October 2ed officially ends the retrograde.
  • October 16th marks the end of the post shadow.

As many of you already know Libra's energy can cause some very drastic back and forth when it comes to communication. It is always a challenge to communicate inside of a retrograde however when we see the influence of one of the mirror signs involved in that retrograde we know that things are going to be more challenging that normal.

Thankfully however we do get a "Break" from the mirror sign back and forth when Mercury will transit into Virgo. However this should cause peoples emotions to be running very high. Be prepared for people to be emotionally edgy and easily tearful when Virgo steps into the ring.

Its not all bad however. We should also see a very powerful push toward examining our lives where it comes to finances. If properly prepared this can be a time when we can see the problem before it becomes a problem. This is a good time to paying close attention to where you are headed with work, money, and material possessions.



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