Kiwi and The Frog

Kiwi and The Frog

Recently we have had a great deal of rain and some pretty serious storms. The odd tornado hasn't been out of the question. So I tend to be on high alert whenever it's time to walk the dogs. Aside from the weather this area is also home to coyotes, owls, vultures, various large snakes, and all manor of spooky things that might want to eat or otherwise harm the small dogs. The rain also seems to bring the frogs with it. When ever there is a large storm we seem to be inundated with frogs, and they all seem to think that my house is where the party is at.


So out and about taking a stroll with the dogs and just as I have gotten all but one or two inside the house Kiwi, whom is already inside begins to bark ferociously. Now some key points that you need to understand about this situation.


1. Kiwi is probably the most quiet, shy, and patient dog on the planet. I've only once heard her bark in a seriously way like something was wrong, which is what she was doing now.


2. The “storm” door on this house is floor to ceiling glass and I leave the front door open with the storm door closed in between unhooking dogs from leashes.


3. I have my back turned to the field as I am letting dogs inside the house. So I'm not seeing what nefarious creature might be sneaking up behind me.


So when already in a heightened state of alertness, the quietest dog begins barking like something has gone horribly wrong my reaction was instant hair standing on end panic. I spun around searching the field frantically for whatever impending doom was coming in my direction and found nothing.


Having calmed down to some degree, I tuned to go back in the house. Kiwi began barking again and that is when I saw it. There was a frog clinging to the glass storm door. Insert eye roll here. Maybe the best prank that any of the dogs has ever played on me. It sure had me spooked though.

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