Astrological overview July - August

Astrological overview July - August

Astrological overview

So I have been hearing from everyone that communication is out the window in relationships and business has been more difficult than it should be. I decided to do some digging in the astrology, as I always do when everyone tells me the same thing is happening. I figure there has to be a cosmic correlation. So here it is.

Mercury is currently in Cancer until the 19th of this month. So what? Well Mercury rules over communication and while it is in cancer that makes things more complicated. Cancer tend to have a difficult time coming out of their shell to participate with everyone else at times. This can lead to a lack of communication or unclear communication which can cause further discord. So if your guy or girl is on the lam, try not to take it personally. Mercury will shift into Leo where communication will be loud and clear and that transition will happening as of tomorrow the 19th.

Adding to the frustration Venus has been in Gemini until just yesterday the 17th. Gemini and cancer can be similar in their approach to communication which can cause a bit of a yo-yo effect to take place. Given that Venus rules love and relationships I’m not shocked that we have been seeing difficulty in the relationship space, add to this that as Venus transitioned out of Gemini it transitioned into cancer. Again that sees communication and relationships facing slightly more turbulent times.

On the work front we have Mars which rules finances in Taurus. This signals difficult dealings with the bull who is more than likely going to dig their heals in, stand their ground and refuse to budge. This makes things a bit difficult in the work place and when dealing with coworkers. Unfortunately Mars will remain in Taurus until August the 20th. This isn’t all bad news it should also give you the strength to handle all that is going on but it will require that you roll up your sleeves.

Love & Light

J.J. Dean

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